Equestrian Site Design

Civil Engineers for the

Equestrian Community

We are a trusted leader in the area of equestrian property development by owners, contractors and architects. Serving the equestrian community since 2002 and after the completion of over a hundred projects, StormwaterJ Engineering, Inc. (SJE) offers the following services:

Engineering, Site Design & Grading Design

  • Drainage Calculations & Stormwater Management Design
  • Utilities & Horse Hair Interceptors
  • Sand Ring & Footing Design Meeting the Most-Stringent Standards
  • Civil Site Engineering for Equestrian Properties
  • Trailer Access and Bridle Paths
  • Project Management From the Ground Up
  • Construction Phase Services & Certifications
  • Permit Expediting - One Point of Contact

Note: Proper site grading is critical for providing dry riding areas and functional footing design.  We specialize in finding the critical balance between site drainage requirements and the criteria above.

  A Discussion on the Many Aspects of an Equestrian Project

Developing a parcel dedicated to equestrian use is a complex process requiring many disciplines.  From overall site layout and design to detailed drainage calculations, trailer access and bridle paths, it takes experience to make it all come together.  Furthermore, most municipalities have strict development requirements for the location and setback of site features from the property line as well as requirements for the storage of stormwater runoff.  More important is the impact that proper drainage has on the health and well being of horses including proper footing and disease transmission.  Most available parcels in the region have a "history" as it relates to development stormwater management considerations.  It is critical therefore to understand the impact that these regulations and resulting site constraints will have on your overall project approach.  As your dedicated professional engineering consultant, SJE can help lead your overall project and resolve the technical issues as they relate to your equestrian site design.

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